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Where Creativity Begins

Creativity is born with synergies of art and form. It begins with with the open mind and is forged with experience. A new child steps with endless possibilities.

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Ted's Vision

Ted Manolatos envisions a spiritual awakening in every creative project he indulges in whether it is writing or creating music, video or photography or anything else creative.

Ted embraces the latest technology with the synergies of classic art form

to produce the best possible functional and unique results. One size never fits all in his book but there must be threads of common form to achieve the highest impact.

Ted firmly believes nothing is impossible with good collaboration and the proper tools and experience to work with. Open minds and classic form open new opportunities.

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Ted’s Interests

Ted has a vast array of creative interests to draw upon in his creative endeavors. His passions include but are not limited to:

  • Writing (non-fiction)
  • Music
  • Sound Production
  • Photography
  • Video & Multimedia
  • Graphic and Website Design

When Ted engages the creative arts he draws upon all these experiences and devours as much more new knowledge and experience as he can. Ted devotes an unyielding passion for perfection. He never cuts corners to take the easy way out.

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A Little About Ted

Ted resides in Richmond, VA. He attended Catholic private schools for much of his life after grade school. He has a degree in public relations from Virginia Commonwealth University with strong secondary studies in business.

He has learned both computer technologies (programming, HTML etc) on a self taught basis. He also continues to learn and progress with the art of music and sound production as well as video production.

Ted has ventured into writing eBooks and blog material as well as songwriting. He hopes to soon be engaged in podcasting via video and audio.

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