Welcome to Ted Manolatos.com. The video provides you with an overview of me and my vision as well as a little bit about what I bring to the table. Please take a look and contact me if you have any questions. Check out my resume and testimonials in the About Ted section.
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Ted's Vision

Ted Manolatos envisions a spiritual awakening in every creative project he indulges in whether it is writing or creating music, video or photography or anything else creative.

Ted thrives on an open mind and exposure to many unique experiences and influences. One size never fits all. Lasting style evolves and matures.

Ted believes creativity thrives on the power of synergies and welcomes collaboration that does not restrain the powers of his creative juice.

The worst thing you can say is "it's impossible..." or "it's not possible." Ted believes nothing in this world would be here today without determination and creative vision. The power is in enduring vision.

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Ted's Creative Interests

Ted has many creative interests but his primary interests are seated in a few major areas that he has diligently pursued with a passion. These interests are (but not limited to):

  • Writing (Non-Fiction)
  • Music (Guitar)
  • Sound Production
  • Photography
  • Videography / Filmmaking
  • Web Design / Layouts / Graphic Design

Ted splits his time between many of these creative interests. If he is not knee deep in one, he is in the middle of another. There is never enough time for all at once.

However, Ted does manage to keep a unique balance and brings all experience to the table to draw upon.

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A Little About Ted

Ted resides in Richmond, VA. Ted attended Catholic middle school and high school and went on to graduate with honors from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BS in Communications with extensive studies in business.

Ted embraces Bipolar disorder which he manages well with medications since 2005. He also meets the challenges of terminal liver disease making the most of each day and doing well so far.

Ted enjoys taking “reflective” rides in his truck, listening to music and chatting heavy with a good friend. He enjoys cooking and of course Greek food. He shares a passion for playing music and writing songs too.

Ted's Writing

color coded map of congressional chambers

Choosing The Right Wing

Political parties select their candidate for president at conventions in the summer of each presidential election year. Both Democrats and Republicans have a convention even if their candidate is uncontested such as the case this year with President Obama. Since a Republican is not currently president, the GOP is holding…

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New Website In Progress

Ted Manolatos would like to introduce his all new website. The new site is still a work in progress but hopefully, visitors will find the most important basic information on the site now. Ted says he is in the process of creating what he hopes to be a showcase website…

Louisiana wildlife reserve


  Susannah It is a tough task to recall Susannah and how much she touched me and meant to me because of that touch of god I felt from meeting her like I did so randomly and by accident. Susannah probably never has realized or understood the depth I saw…

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At A Minimum: A Living Wage

The first minimum wage law was written in the 60’s and was $2 dollars and hour. If one adjusted this minimum wage for inflation today it would be close to $15 dollars and hour yet for years it has been pinned at less than $8 dollars and hour. Meanwhile the…

homeless man on street eating trash

The Poverty State of Red

Conservatives often tout their economic policy as better than that of anyone else. They claim their policies create jobs and foster economic growth where everyone benefits from trickle down success at the top. It is an age old maxim rung into our conscience with the rise of President Ronald Reagan…

black man behind bars

Ferguson – The Black Myth

Police are increasingly in the news ever since the riots in Ferguson over alleged police brutality. Sure there are some dubious acts by police recently and always have been over the years. No one doubts that there are issues with policing in the black community at times. However, there is…

envelope full of peanuts against american flag background

Debunking American Wages

Ok let’s do the numbers –I always love doing the numbers because it always debunks the myths people want to kick around especially about employment and wages. That said I am going to make this real simple to digest and it is perfectly legitimate and true if you do the…

food stamps

The Right Wing War on Food Stamps

The conservative right can never stop trying to wage war on the poor and disadvantaged like those who need food stamps to feed themselves and their families each month. As if drug tests were not enough to try dissuade people from their basic right to a safety net when in…