Ferguson – The Black Myth

Police are increasingly in the news ever since the riots in Ferguson over alleged police brutality. Sure there are some dubious acts by police recently and always have been over the years. No one doubts that there are issues with policing in the black community at times. However, there is an even more dubious mindset amongst many in the black community about police and policing in general. Justifying riots with alleged police brutality –even if it is found to be true is certainly not productive for race relations or relations with police.

There is a definite myth amongst blacks that somehow they should be held to a different standard than anybody else when policed and that it is ok to bring about chaos and riots to remedy wrongful or questionable actions by police. The myth is that police single out blacks as well. Unfortunately these black myths just feed mostly on ignorance and propaganda amongst black leaders and black citizens alike.

What happened in Ferguson was a national travesty that highlights serious social problems within the black community. Of course to say this is to be accused of being racist but the facts do not lie. Michael Brown was not murdered as so many would like to believe. He was a strong arm robber who had just robbed a store before his confrontation with police and then he tried to grab a police officer’s gun with intent to shoot the officer with. It does not matter if he put his hands up unarmed after the fact –the officer did what we was trained to do and what any other police officer would do in a similar situation.

The forensic facts back up the police officer in the Ferguson case but once again many blacks want to dismiss science and feed into a riot an racial frenzy mentality. This poorly reflects on all blacks everywhere as much as those in the community of Ferguson. Since when does destroying your own city with riots make any logical sense much less make black lives matter? If Brown had been white there would be no story to be seen in the media here. That is the irony. You never see race hustlers like Al Sharpton visiting a white family or city where a white man in similar circumstances gets killed by police.

The black community also likes to ignore the fact that there is a much higher rate of crime amongst their community than whites or anybody else and that is why there are more blacks caught up in the criminal justice system or prison. Sure one can say there are reasons why blacks commit more crime but that is ancillary to what happened in Ferguson.

The fact is the statistics do not lie about black crime much of it being black on black crime on top of it. As far as police in Ferguson ticketing blacks more for minor offenses –maybe that is wrong but why has it taken this long for the black community to raise issues about these activities in a civil manner. Surely they were there long before Brown was shot in self-defense for trying to strong arm a police officer’s gun. If blacks want change in their community they need to initiate that change themselves and not play a blame game and not resort to destructive behavior like riots to bring about that change. You do not see riots among whites when a white man is killed by police. That is fact.

Many folks want to make this issue a racial one and discount any detractors as a matter of course. But the fact is blacks are only hurting themselves when they riot and become disruptive and play the race card. They are only hurting themselves when they resort of violence and the blame game. Black lives may matter but so policemen’s lives and white people’s lives and every body’s lives.

There should be no separate code of justice for just black people like many blacks seem to suggest. It is certainly a black myth to think the black community somehow has an excuse to contort and violate the law just because they are black and poor or whatever else that excuses are made of. Nobody told Brown to rob a store and assault a store clerk and then confront a police officer and try to assault him and take his gun to further assault him. Brown did that on his own two feet –he made the choice and suffered the consequences of that bad choice. Life is about choices and if black folks make bad choices, they need to expect consequences for them.

© 2015 Ted Manolatos