New Website In Progress

Ted Manolatos would like to introduce his all new website. The new site is still a work in progress but hopefully, visitors will find the most important basic information on the site now. Ted says he is in the process of creating what he hopes to be a showcase website for his creative work and services he has to offer.

“I do not want the site to be overly cumbersome so I am trying to keep it simple and to the point but I also do not want to just breeze over things either. That said, I hope to work little by little over the next few months to bring the site to a very good maturity that is simple and informative,” Ted says.

Ted is a creative professional residing in Richmond, Virginia with a BS in Mass Communications from Virginia Commonwealth University (1995). He dabbles in many different creative arts including writing, multimedia, music and graphics as well as photography. Ted says he likes to bring together his diverse experiences in each of his chosen arts to build better things and come up with more comprehensive creative solutions for clients.

“The new website will showcase a little taste of everything I do. Right now I am focusing on writing for eBooks as an author but I also want to showcase some of my graphic design work and possibly some video in the future. My musical interests are showcased on my companion music website,“ Ted says.

Ted encourages visitors to check back from time to time in the coming months to see the progress of the website and updates in content and his portfolio.