Ted's eBooks

Ted has just recently begun his journey into writing eBooks. His first eBook is “Traces of Love – A Journey Through Love & Madness” which was completed in the spring of 2017. The book which features a personal story about a cherished relationship is available on Amazon. It is a short read and Ted’s first experience organizing and publishing a book as well as writing it.

Ted is currently working on “Delusions of Order – Reflections In Madness” due out sometime in the new year (2018). This book will cover a journey through both mental illness as well as life itself growing up going from high school to college to the present. The book is expected to be much more in-depth and longer than his first book. He is collaborating with a good UK friend on this projects. She hopes to illustrate parts of the book.

Ted also engages in blog writing and essay writing and likes to convert books to audio format using computer voices. It is hope one day that he’ll be able to narrate his own audio book but for now that is just a dream.

Please take a look at the eBooks links to find the books on Amazon. You can also read sections of upcoming books in various stages of editing.  These will be snippets from upcoming books and will not be the final polished pieces nor the complete books. These are just provided as a taste of what is to come as well as a taste of Ted’s writing style.

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