The Right Wing War on Food Stamps

The conservative right can never stop trying to wage war on the poor and disadvantaged like those who need food stamps to feed themselves and their families each month. As if drug tests were not enough to try dissuade people from their basic right to a safety net when in need –now conservatives have the gull to try to dictate what the poor is able to eat and not eat.

It is as if conservatives want to punish the poor for being poor and as if they believe the poor make a choice to be poor. It is a travesty of grand proportions what conservatives are already doing to the poor with their hackneyed attempts at policy designed to intimidate the poor away from getting benefits. Now conservatives want to tell food stamp recipients what kinds of foods they can and cannot eat as if the poor are members of serfdom.

It is no secret poor folks like a little steak or seafood once in a while like everybody else. It is no secret the poor like soda like most people. It is ridiculous that some states are passing legislation designed to restrict the poor to the very minute basics instead of let them feed themselves and families with whatever food they so choose like they should be able to.

Conservatives always balk at big government and regulation and yet they are trying to regulate the poor and micromanage them with these half-cocked policies that benefit no one. It is ok to have big government legislate morality and micromanage the poor but if the shoe was on the feet of conservatives then it would be damn. It is almost comical how out of touch conservatives are with reality –especially that of the poor. They constantly fan flames of propaganda about the poor as if somehow that is going to make the need go away and make the poor too intimidated to apply for the rightful benefits they should have.

Conservatives think micromanaging the poor with food stamp restrictions is somehow going to cut down on waste and fraud when in fact it may actually cause the opposite. With all the restrictions that conservative are trying to push on food stamp recipients –it is likely many will begin to sell their benefits on the black market and then buy anything they want even if it is not food. Is that the real purpose in having the food stamp program to begin with?

The fact is the poor deserve to eat whatever they want and to splurge sometimes if they so choose wisely or not. Food stamp benefits are rarely enough for an individual or family to get by and entire month in any case. They are simply a small supplement to other resources the poor have to rely on like food banks and low wage jobs and so on. One has to wonder what conservatives would do if the government mandated what wealthy people could and could not eat. The myth that poor people are wasteful louts who do not want to work is just that –a sad myth that conservatives increasingly try to propagate with caustic propaganda.

The federal government ought to pass legislation barring states from modifying food stamp programs with these silly food and soft drink restrictions and put a stop to this ridiculous war on the poor that conservatives are constantly waging at the state level. These policies are nothing more than a veiled attempt to end such safety net programs by whittling away at them little by little until they are meaningless. With a federal ban on food stamp program modifications, no longer would these right wing politicians be able to wage war at the state level and pander to ignorant voters to support such nonsense.

©  2015 Ted Manolatos